At FRIME we promote sustainable fishing and we have chosen the MSC Blue Seal

At Frime we are committed to minimising our impact on the sea and protecting all its richness. That is why we have joined the second edition of #MaresParaSiempre, a global initiative organised by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) (  to raise consumer awareness of the important benefits of fish consumption and the need to ensure its supply is managed sustainably.

As the leading company in the sale of MSC tuna in Europe, we could not miss this event. We have supported the initiative through the networks and we have been present with our brand Koldfin ( ) at the event organised by MSC on Thursday 24 February, along with the rest of the collaborating companies.

From 21 to 27 February, different activities related to sustainable fishing were held. In addition, MSC has presented a campaign ( with a message of thanks from fishermen to society for their support for responsible fishing, as well as publicising the MSC programme and the blue seal, emphasising that sustainable fishing is possible. This action has brought together more than 50 companies committed to caring for the oceans and willing to disseminate good practices of commitment to sustainable fishing, as well as to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

At Frime we are full advocates of sustainable fishing and we devote a lot of resources to it. Together with our partner Pesca Azteca (  ), we have achieved that more than 90% of the tuna we sell is MSC certified. This certification ensures the correct management of fishing resources while also taking into account the preservation of other species such as dolphins, turtles and sharks. It also ensures the traceability of sustainable fish throughout the supply chain.

Sustainable fishing has multiple benefits for our environment, such as protecting marine wildlife, reducing pollution and preventing overfishing, so that marine populations can continue to reproduce properly. Both Frime and MSC aim to encourage an international market for sustainable seafood and to increase the percentage of seafood caught and traded in a sustainable way every year.

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