As a company with a consolidated reputation in our sector, with more than 41 years of experience and with the aim of maintaining and ensuring the commitment and participation of our staff with the different policies of our business Group, this Corporate Policy has been created, which will be disseminated among all employees and will be developed for each of our Departments.

About us

Frime, SAU, was born as a family business in 1977, founded by Salvador Ramon Gràcia and over time the constitution of our business group, which has been incorporating different companies.


Currently, our business group employs more than 400 people directly. It has production plants in Arenys de Munt, La Roca del Vallés where it produces fresh and frozen fish and in Barcelona (Mercabarna) where it produces semi-preserved fish and cod, as well as four stalls in the Mercat del Peix in Barcelona.
Our products are distributed worldwide. Currently in more than 52 countries.

Corporate Policy

Conditioned by the current economic situation and with the desire to remain in the market without losing sight of possible opportunities for growth, we at the Management are aware that we cannot abandon the fight for continuous improvement in the quality of our products and services, since what is currently sustaining us in the markets is the trust of our Customers, the result of the commitment we have maintained from the beginning to meet all their needs in an excellent manner.
For this reason, we believe it is necessary to disseminate our Corporate Policy in writing to all our employees to ensure their conscious and direct participation, always bearing in mind their responsibilities and our principles as a company:

  • Vision: We want to change the world by improving the nutrition of all households with products from responsible fishing.
  • Mission: Innovating sustainable fish products, standardising them through industrialisation.
  • Values: Humble, Nonconformist, Honest, Persevering, Responsible and Family oriented.
  • Commitments: Ethics, Sustainability and Welfare of our Collaborators, Associates and our Consumers.


This corporate policy is based on four pillars: our customers, the quality of our products and services, environmental responsibility and sustainability, and ethical and labour responsibility.

Customer Respect Policy

Customer satisfaction is what gives us our reputation in the sector and this reputation is based on the quality of our products and services.
This is why we have to listen and adapt to the needs of our customers at all times.

Policy of quality, authenticity, safety and legality of our products and services

As a fundamental pillar of our Corporate Policy, we intend to continue to fulfil our obligations to produce safe, legal and authentic products in accordance with the specified quality and responsibility towards our customers.

We are committed to continuously improve the quality and food safety culture of our companies.

Environmental responsibility and sustainability policy

At Frime Holding Company we have an absolute commitment to sustainability and especially to the preservation of the marine ecosystem, which is why we have been certifying our plants to the MSC chain of custody standard for more than 4 years, progressively increasing the volume of MSC fish marketed. We intend to continue along the same lines with the aim of helping to conserve tuna in our seas and oceans.

We are committed to selective segregation of the waste generated and its circular revaluation. Currently, all the organic matter generated in our production processes is used to produce animal feed for pets and we are working to achieve the same cyclicality with the rest of the waste generated, always bearing in mind the policy of minimising waste generated by the use of natural resources such as water or fossil fuels.

However, our commitment not only involves improving sustainability, but also generating social value by promoting an inclusive labour policy in a company like ours with workers of more than 18 different nationalities and promoting the integrity of disabled people through sport, collaborating with the FEDEMAR Foundation and participating in the sponsorship of activities to promote the culture of our land.

Criminal compliance policy, ethical and labour responsibility

The FRIME Group’s management is committed to operating with ethics and integrity, which means that among all the members and collaborators of the organisation we are able to generate an optimal working environment, where honesty, integrity and transparency, respect for human rights, the legitimate interests of all the people and organisations with which we interact and the standards of quality, safety and dignity at work are paramount.

This policy is also reflected in the Frime Group’s Criminal Compliance Manual.
The Management has always been committed to scrupulously respecting the legislation in force on labour and occupational risk prevention, and we are aware that we want to make progress and go beyond the required levels with higher challenges.

Management Commitments

From Management, we are committed to disseminating this policy to all staff and breaking it down into objectives for the different departments involved, which are responsible for its development and compliance with the objectives set.

Commitment of employees

All employees of this company must be aware of the objectives deriving from this Policy and must commit themselves to all actions deriving from it.

External communication manager

Aware that this Policy must be disseminated and developed among the different departments of our company, we at Management consider that Management itself must be responsible for external communication in the event of crisis management or communications with the authorities or the media.


This Policy shall be reviewed at least annually.

The Management
La Roca del Vallés (Barcelona),
9th January 2023