At Frime we are aware of the need to adapt to the constantly changing environment in which we live, with new needs. For this reason, we work constantly focused on change and the new demands of the market, without ever losing sight of our objective: to lead the world market for tuna loins and portions.


Our vision is aligned with our goal: we want to change the world by improving the nutrition of all households with products from responsible fisheries.


Our mission is to innovate sustainable fisheries products by standardising them through industrialisation.

Frime’s growth is based on solid and consolidated values, which form part of the company’s culture and formalise our commitment to diversity. These values define our attitude to the new challenges we face as a company, without forgetting where we come from and that we are still a family:

  • We are humble: we never forget our origins, which are in the market and are the driving force that has brought us to where we are today.
  • We are non-conformists: nobody can beat us when it comes to stubbornness. We want to surpass ourselves and our aim is to be a little better every day.
  • We are honest: we are in sync with our objectives, realistic and aware of the context and our resources.
  • We are persevering: without constant work we would not achieve such successful results. Perseverance is a sine qua non condition for achieving our goals and going far.
  • We are responsible: we have a strong commitment to people and their rights, to the sea and to the environment.
  • We are a family: Frime was founded by the Ramon family and is still the same today, but with a few hundred more members. #FRIMEFamily.


Our commitments are based on:

  • Ethics: we firmly believe that ethics should guide any business initiative. For this reason, at Frime we make our code of ethics known to all those with whom we have dealings, in which honesty, integrity and transparency are paramount.
  • Sustainability of the planet: We ensure that the fishing techniques used to catch our tuna are sustainable to obtain the best product and preserve its qualities without damaging the oceans.
  • Well-being of our employees, our associates and our consumers: At FRIME we are committed to building a fairer, more inclusive and responsible society and we are certain that we can make a difference and, by promoting ambitious initiatives, we will be able to make a difference.


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