Salvador Ramon Mateo enamours the audience in the 21st AECOC Congress

The President of FRIME was invited to speak at the largest encounter of the maritime sector.

On 14 and 16 July,, the Association of Manufacturers and Distributors (AEOC) organised the 21st Seafood Congress at the Paradero de Bayonne , the benchmark event for professionals in the sector. Our President, Salvador Ramon Mateo, was invited as one of the main speakers in this edition.

Under the title “Making a comeback through the re-engineering of the entire value chain”, Salvador spoke about how to provide significant value through innovation and redefining processes, by taking a comprehensive approach.
In addition, the president of FRIME explained the process of creating a new product category by re-engineering the entire value chain.

Salvador Ramon says that: “We have made a comeback by re-engineering the entire value chain of our processes”. Furthermore, Ramon says that FRIME’s commitment has been to innovate in the value proposition, because “the company provides not only a high quality product, but also a service, a price and a consumer experience, which is very important, as the key to our business is repeat consumption”.

According to FRIME’s President, the company has managed to eliminate variability in all steps of the value chain, transforming large and wild fish into scalable and sustainable consumption programmes: “We sell tuna in steaks and portions with an attractive and consistent price-quality ratio, with technical data sheets, sales programmes, fixed weights and no oxidation“.

FRIME made sure that all attendees were able to taste our high-end, quality product with Koldfin, our new consumer brand. A huge success!

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